Step 1: Lets Chat

Describe your vision for your ideal home. We want to understand your needs, dreams, and where you are in the exploration and research process. Discussing the scope, style, desired timeline, and budget will help us determine if we’re a good mutual fit.

Step 2: Design Concepts

At ODE, our structured design process is unique. We believe in a unified approach to design, integrating Architecture, Interiors, and Interior Design into a combined and collaborative experience. This holistic approach allows for  every element of your home to be curated to your exact needs from the beginning. 

Step 3: Design Refinement + Detailing + Material Selections

Our discussion of design concepts in Step 2 allows us to continue the refinement of the floorplans and develop wall elevations and preliminary 3D modeling. Every beautiful space comes down to the details. After designing every element of your home, our design team prepares incredibly detailed construction and permit drawings. We detail the location of every light switch and outlet, exact layouts of tile, and hundreds of other small details that add up and create a special home.

Step 4: Final Budgeting + Construction Agreements

We are ready for a final review of the design, fixtures, and finishes. At this point we also review a final budget and outline next steps in your project. 

Step 5: Build

One of the most challenging aspects of creating your home is translating the design phases into reality. Our process for construction is simply an extension of our previous steps, ensuring zero communication gaps between design and build. This creates certainty and clear responsibility from start to finish and ensures that the final step in the process completes the vision.